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Managing Conflict in Teams
Is conflict in teams a problem?  How does one manage it effectively and productively?

Helping You Help Others: Free services & resources for nonprofits
A list of services and resources that are free to non-profit organizations, put together by

Competition in the Non-Profit Sector, Part III
Third in a series of four articles about competition among non-profits.

Teams in the Nonprofit Environment
What is a team?  How do teams develop and function? And how are teams different in a nonprofit setting?

Competition in the Non-Profit Sector, Part IV
The final installment in a series of articles about competition in the non-profit sector.

More Free Services for Nonprofits
Part II of a list of free services available to nonprofits, submitted by

Are Employees in Non-Profits Treated Differently?  Should they be?
What, if anything, distinguishes nonprofits' employees from those in for-profits?  Should there be any difference in the ways they are treated?

Profits in Not for Profit Organizations
Addressing some misconceptions about what nonprofits can and should do regarding profits

Competition in the Non-Profit Sector, Parts I & II
Parts 1 and 2 of a four-part series about competition among nonprofit organizations.

The Art and Skill of Decision Making
How to decide how we should decide?